Punjab & Kashmir Weather     
Punjab and Kashmir Weather
Next 24 Hour's Weather Mainly cold and dry weather is expected in all districts of the Punjab province.? However, rain-thunderstorm (with snowfall over the hills) is expected at scattered places in Kashmir and adjoining hilly.While at isolated places in Islamabad/Rawalpindi division. Foggy conditions are likely to occur at few places in plain areas of Punjab province during morning hours.

Punjab AJK
Minimum Temperatures print
 16th January 2018
Kamra -01.0°C
Islamabad Ap 03.0°C
Murree -00.5°C
Rawalakot -02.0°C
Mangla 01.9°C
Islamabad City 00.0°C
Mianwali 05.5°C
Sargodha City 06.8°C
Sargodha P A F 04.0°C
Mandi Bahuddin 04.4°C
Jhelum 02.0°C
Sialkot Ap 01.7°C
Sialkot City 02.8°C
Faisalabad 05.5°C
Noor Pur Thal 03.0°C
Chakwal 02.0°C
Joharabad 03.0°C
Jhang 05.2°C
T T Singh 05.5°C
Gujrat 04.0°C
Lahore City 07.0°C
Lahore A/p 05.0°C
Gujranwala 03.0°C
Okara 06.5°C
D G Khan 04.7°C
Bhakkar 05.0°C
Karor (layyah) 04.5°C
Shorkot 06.0°C
Multan 06.6°C
Kot Addu 06.3°C
Bahawalnagar 06.0°C
Kasur 05.0°C
Sahiwal 05.6°C
Bahawalpur 04.5°C
B Pur A/p 04.7°C
R Y Khan 06.8°C
Khanpur 05.5°C
Muzaffarabad 02.0°C
Garhi Dopatta 01.4°C
Kotli 02.0°C
Rainfall @ 1800 print
16th January 2018
Punjab 0.0 mm
Kashmir 0.0 mm
Maximum Temperatures print
 16th January 2018
Kamra 20.5°C
Islamabad Ap 24.5°C
Murree 14.1°C
Rawalakot 18.0°C
Mangla 24.0°C
Islamabad City 23.0°C
Mianwali 22.0°C
Sargodha City 24.0°C
Sargodha P A F 22.0°C
Mandi Bahuddin 23.2°C
Jhelum 22.5°C
Sialkot Ap 22.6°C
Sialkot City 22.8°C
Faisalabad 23.8°C
Noor Pur Thal 25.0°C
Chakwal 21.5°C
Joharabad 23.6°C
Jhang 23.5°C
T T Singh 24.5°C
Gujrat 24.0°C
Lahore City 24.0°C
Lahore A/p 23.0°C
Gujranwala 24.0°C
Okara 24.5°C
D G Khan 22.9°C
Bhakkar 24.0°C
Karor (layyah) 21.0°C
Shorkot 23.5°C
Multan 22.8°C
Kot Addu 23.0°C
Bahawalnagar 26.0°C
Kasur 24.0°C
Sahiwal 22.6°C
Bahawalpur 24.5°C
B Pur A/p 25.5°C
R Y Khan 26.0°C
Khanpur 26.5°C
Muzaffarabad 21.5°C
Garhi Dopatta 19.0°C
Kotli 25.6°C
No weather warning
Last 24 Hour's Weather Weather remained cold and dry in Kashmir and all districts of the Punjab province. Fog was observed in multan, Sialkot, Rahim Yar Khan and Gujranwala districts.
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